Nail the Job Interview! 101 Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions

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The authors and publisher make no claims that using this information will guarantee the reader a job. The authors and publisher shall not be liable for any losses or damages incurred in the process of following the advice in this book. Nail the job interview! Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 1.


Employment interviewing. IG-annich, Ronald L.

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Title: Nail the job interview. H Exchange Information 6. Share this link with a friend: Copied! Other Related Materials 41 pages. How to Answer the 64 Toughest Interview Questions. They are communication skills you already possess but which you may not have used for a while. What you need to do is refocus and sharpen those slulls in relation to a clear understanding of how the interview process unfolds and what you are expected to do in the interview situation.

You want to prepare well for all types of questions you are likely to be asked as well as identify several questions you need to ask of the employ- er. This preparation involves everything from anticipating certain types of questions and maintaining a positive attitude to expressing a particular answering style and presenting positive content in your answers. You want to be honest in everything you say and do.

This by no means implies you should be either naive or stupid in what you say by confessing your weaknesses to hiring officials. You need to stress what is right about you - your strengths and achievements - those patterns that determine and support your success. This is what you should concentrate on when preparing for the interview - presenting your best self to employers who are interested in hiring your strengths. Without this preparation, you may not be able to present your best self to the employer. Your dry throat, sweaty palms, and wobbly knees may tale center stage as you male numerous interview mistakes that prevent you from both impressing the employer and acquiring useful information.

That would be unfortunate, since you have already come a long way toward landing the job. Whatever you do, dont short-change yourself by not preparing well for possible interview questions. You Need to Both Answer and Ask Questions This is what this book is all about - learning to sharpen communication slulls you already possess in relation to the interview situation and the I t is not a book onhow you can tale charge of the interview situation.

That would bepresumptuous and you would probably become either overbearing orobnoxious, or both. That would be dishonest andstupid. And this is not a book about how to cleverly manipulate theinterviewer to your advantage. That would be unethical, it assumes theinterviewer is stupid, and the technique probably would not work. This is a book about some of the most important communication ofyour life. Doing well in a to minute interview can have severalpositive outcomes for you and your career.

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In addition to a nice compen-sation package, it should result in a job you will really do well and enjoydoing - the ultimate in career satisfaction. Create Your Own Interview PowerYou can acquire the power to turn interview apprehension into interviewanticipation and success. In the following chapters we will share with youthe secrets to interview success.

We will focus on you in relationship tothe employer -what you both need to do in order to arrive at a mutuallysatisfactory arrangement that will hopefully lead to a satisfying long-termprofessional and personal relationship. Our approach to this subject is very simple. We begin with you, theinterviewee, and move you directly through the interview process, frombeginning to end.

For the most part, the chapters flow in the samemanner as the job interview - a sequence of different interview questionsyou need to both answer and ask. We begin in Chapter 2, Interview Qpes and Techniques, by analyzingthe interview situation - types of interviews you can expect to encounteras well as the structure of job interviews. We believe much of your appre-hension is related to these structural questions. We include a section onbehavioral questioning techniques because many job applicants report I0 Nail the Job Interview!

The more you lcnow about the types of situations you are likely to encounter in interviews, the better prepared you should be for answering and asking questions both verbally and nonverbally. Chapter 3, Mistakes, Trends, and Resources, focuses on major interview- ing sins committed by job seekers as revealed by numerous employers, These errors can easily h o c k you out of future consideration. The chapter also examines two major interviewing trends as well as offers several key print and electronic resources to help prepare anyone for an effective job interview.

In Chapter 4, 45 I ey Interview Principles, we turn our attention to a comprehensive set of interview rules that form the basis for effective inter- viewing. These precepts are much more than just a scattering of hot tips, generic experiences,common-senseknowledge, or structured logic. Based on research and experience, they are a well integrated set of principles that define effective communication in most professional and social settings. Our principles cover three distinct interview stages you will most likely encounter during your job search:.

They are your tickets to interview success. In Chapter 5, Get Prepared, we examine important interview pre- paration steps that go beyond just practicing model answers and questions. We then turn our attention to the nuts-and-bolts of job interviews - specific questions and answers.

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  • Based on our principles of effective interviewing, in Chapter 6 -Answer Questions - we examine the verbal components of the interview - the art of spealung well and the most common questions asked of interviewees. Each question is followed with examples of dynamite answer strategies that will both impress inter- viewers and generate useful information for decision-malung purposes. Again, based on ourprinciples in Chapter 4, we discuss dynamite visuals which constituteanother important channel for answering interview questions.

    Nail the Job Interview 101 Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions

    Thesenonverbal components are constantly affecting answers to interviewquestions. Indeed, they often answer many unverbalized questions theinterviewer prefers not asking, because they may be illegal, or they appearunprofessional or embarrassing to both ask and answer.

    You need to beaware of this silent language so your nonverbal messages are as appropri-ate as possible. You may be surprised to discover your nonverbalanswers to interview questions are sometimes more important than yourverbal answers! Chapter 7 addresses many such important interviewbehaviors. Chapter 8 - Questions You ShouldAsk - turns the interview table. Thefocus of attention shifts from questions about you to questions concerningthe job and the employer. While you will primarily answer questionsduring the job interview, you also must be prepared to ask questions.

    After all, you need information about the job and employer.

    TOP 7 Interview Questions and Answers (PASS GUARANTEED!)

    Interviewers expect you to ask intelligent questions whichdemonstrate your interest in the job and enthusiasm for the employer. Infact, the more you find out about the job and the concerns of manage-ment, the better you can focus your responses to their needs. This chapteridentifies numerous questions you should ask in the process of bothfavorably impressing the interviewer and gathering useful information.

    Nail the Job Interview! Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions | Open Library

    This chapter is thecritical action chapter. Here we address a much neglected aspect of thejob search - effective interview follow-up methods. There are certainthings you can do to help the person reach a decision, from telephonecalls to thank you letters. We identify the best follow-up methods as wellas provide some telephone dialogues and model thank you letters. Chapter 10 - Answers You Should Formulate - presents a compre- hensive checklist by category of the sample interview questions and answers addressed throughout the book as well as provides a useful orientation on how to best handle each of the questions.

    The chapter is organized in this manner so you can review some of the most important job interview questions and suggested answering strategies based upon the 45 principles we outlined in Chapter 4. Taken together, these chapters constitute a crash course in effective job interview slulls. Ideally you should complete this book early in your job search. If this is your situa- memorize canned tion, we strongly recommend focusing on answers to inter- the interviewing errors and principles outlined in Chapters 3 and 4.

    They also will help you handle the secret language of interview success. Avoid Easy Temptations One important word of caution is in order before you proceed further into this book.

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    • Succumbing to such a temptation will probably produce negative outcomes for you. This approach is likely to turn off interviewers who may think you are being less than forthcoming; it may even raise questions about your honesty and integrity. Our examples of effective answers Choose the Right ResourcesThis book is primarily concerned with communicating critical job andcareer information to employers in face-to-face job interview situations. Each year millions of job hunters turn to career planning books for assis-tance. Many begin with a general book and turn next to resume andinterview books.

      Others begin with a resume book and later seek othertypes of job resources, including letter writing and networking books. Some go directly to software programs or visit various Internet sites forproducing resumes and preparing for job interviews. If this book represents your first career planning guide, you may wantto supplement it with a few other key books. Many of these resources areavailable in your local library and booltstore or they can be ordereddirectly from Impact Publications see the Career Resources section onpages at the end of this book.

      You should go into the jobinterview equipped with the necessary knowledge and slcills to be mosteffectivein communicatingyour qualifications to employers and acquiringimportant information on both the job and the employer. As you will quicldy discover, the job market is not a place to engage in wishful thinking. It is at times impersonal, frequently ego-deflating, and unforgiving of errors. I t can often be a depressing journey into the valley of rejections where you quicldy lose one of your most important assets - your self-esteem.

      Above all, it rewards individuals who follow through in implementing each job search step with enthusiasm, dogged persistence, and the ability to handle rejections. May you soon discover this power and incorporate it in your own dynamite answers to interview questions.

      IMS Health Consulting Behavioral & Fit Interview Questions (3)

      If you do this, you will certainly nail the job interview much sooner than most other job seekers, including your competition! In reality, job seekers encounter manyN. Many interviewees are surprised todiscover that their interview s did not conform to what they where toldto expect, including many questions they prepared answers to. Not sur-prisingly, the interpersonal dynamics change as the participants and thesituation change, and each interview is different from any other.

      If the interviewer is from outside the personnel department, he may conduct interviews infre- quently.