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  2. Grade 9-1 GCSE Biology: AQA Revision Guide with Online Edition - Higher
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Unit 1 - Clinical Trial. Unit 1 - Cloning. Unit 1 - Energy Loss in Food Chains. Unit 1 - Genetic Engineering. Unit 1 - IVF. Unit 1 - Oral Contraceptives. Unit 1 - Reflexes.

Grade 9-1 GCSE Biology: AQA Revision Guide with Online Edition - Higher

Unit 1 - Resistance of Pathogens to Antibiotics H. Unit 1 - Synapse. Unit 1 - Theories of Evolution. Unit 1 - Vaccination.

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Unit 2 - Aerobic Respiration. Unit 2 - Anaerobic Respiration. Unit 2 - Cell Structure.

GCSE Biology | Brighton MET

Unit 2 - Construct Genetic Diagrams H. Unit 2 - Diffusion. Unit 2 - Effects of Exercise. Unit 2 - Enzymes. Unit 2 - Genetics. Unit 2 - Making Gametes H. Unit 2 - Mitosis. Unit 2 - Photosynthesis. Unit 2 - Proteins. Unit 2 - Quadrat Sampling.

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Unit 2 - Speciation. Unit 2 - Stem Cells. Unit 3 - Biofuels.

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  3. GCSE Biology.
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Unit 3 - Blood. Unit 3 - Circulatory System.

pierreducalvet.ca/1898.php Unit 3 - Deforestation. Unit 3 - Dialysis. Unit 3 - Exchange Surface and Diffusion. Unit 3 - Glucagon H. Unit 3 - Insulin and Blood Glucose Control. Unit 3 - Mechanism of Ventilation. Unit 3 - Osmosis. Unit 3 - Thermoregulation. Unit 3 - Urine Production. Unit 3 - Water Loss in Plants. The organisation of each sub-section of the substantive content is designed to facilitate this approach, as well as allow students the opportunity to carry out practical work. With a good GCSE grade there are a wide range of career options. Through classroom based activities, homework and regular assessment leading to final, external exams.

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GCSE Science Biology (9-1) Cell division by Mitosis

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