Reasoning Together: A Conversation on Homosexuality

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  1. Homosexuality and the Divided Church
  2. Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage a Right Nationwide
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  4. Reasoning Together: A Conversation on Homosexuality - Ted Grimsrud, Mark Nation - Google книги

If your book order is heavy or oversized, we may contact you to let you know extra shipping is required. List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: 12 October Stock Image. New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. About this Item Paperback. This book emerges from a series of public conversations on homosexuality by two Mennonite theology professors with clearly different perspectives on the issue.

Lacking understanding of human sexuality, Schott falls victim to his own ignorance, and literally, demonizes people with a homosexual orientation. This has been a recurring pattern throughout history, what people do not understand, they frequently demonize. Schott attempts to build a case that gay people, and those who advocate for them, are themselves deceived or possessed by demons.

Homosexuality and the Divided Church

While Schott may not have been around many gay-affirming pentecostal churches, he has been in community with gay Christians of distinctly pentecostal leanings. He selectively omits facts about those encounters, thereby painting himself as the heroic protagonist of those encounters in sole possession of revelation from God. Not one time did they mention any of this! This is not a coincidence or accident. It is purposeful and strategically orchestrated by Satan himself. No fear though. Schott to the rescue. Recalling, this book is directed specifically at gay youth, Schott writes:.

No person knows how many. But we can give a biblical guess the there are tens of thousands, possibly millions. There are a lot.

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You defeated that demonic spirit and temptation. There are many. The devil wants you to be discouraged by your feelings of temptation when you should be encouraged. God delivered you from the previous temptation. He will deliver you from the next temptation. Scientific and medical ignorance form the basis of a deadly poison he concocts and serves up to gay youth. But it sure is quite a good business model. So keep coming back and I will pray them out for you. Schott imagines himself as brave and forward thinking in writing his book. The church has been focused on homosexuality since the late s, well before Schott was born.

There are plenty of books, and in fact, a glut of them in the past three years, on homosexuality from a traditional Christian point of view. Schott is consistent in his sloppy and immature reasoning skills. One would hope that telling a young person he or she is controlled by demons might be built upon a strong scriptural foundation.

One would be disappointed.

Bishop Barron on Gay Marriage & the Breakdown of Moral Argument

Unsurprisingly, people are motivated by relationships and opt to reexamine Scriptures written in the context of and to ancient cultures. That strategy leads to heresy and false doctrine. Did any of those studies call for participants to ignore historical context or cultural background? Different ones will appeal and be useful to different people:. A book length discussion by Daniel Helminiak is the perfect place to start:. If you want to study in depth, these are some of the most important works of the last few decades:.

These are links to extensive bibliographies referring to academic monographs and journal articles:. In our Judeo-Christian society, the documents collectively known as the Bible serve as the primary guide on most issues. It is interesting that many Christians take literally the references to homosexual acts, while interpreting other text with great flexibility. One person reported listening to a nationally-known woman speak in her campaign against homosexuality.

She spent quite a bit of time quoting impressively from Leviticus. The listener accepted much of what the speaker said until he realized that, by Levitical standards, the crusader herself had broken many biblical laws — she spoke in church 1 Corinthians , she taught men 1 Timothy , she was wearing a dress made of cotton and polyester Deuteronomy , and others of which he was probably unaware. What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?

Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage a Right Nationwide

Actually, very little. Most significantly, Jesus said nothing at all. Considering the relatively small amount of attention the Bible pays to the subject, we must ask ourselves why this is such a volatile issue. Other subjects about which the scriptures say a great deal e.

Before looking at specific passages, it is important to note that everyone understands the scriptures based on, and through, the light of what they have been taught. The Bible was not written in a cultural void, and many of its instructions and laws are simply classified as less relevant today e.

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Nowhere does the Bible actually address the idea of persons being lesbian or gay. The statements are, without exception, directed to certain homosexual acts. Early writers had no understanding of homosexuality as a psychosexual orientation. That truth is a relatively recent discovery. The biblical authors were referring to homosexual acts performed by persons they assumed were heterosexuals.

Reasoning Together: A Conversation on Homosexuality - Ted Grimsrud, Mark Nation - Google книги

In the story, two angels, in the form of men, are sent to the home of Lot in Sodom. The men of the city became angry and stormed the door. As a result, they were all struck blind by the angels.

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There are several problems with the traditional interpretation of this passage. Luke If the men were indeed homosexuals, then why would Lot offer them his daughters?

  1. Reasoning Together: A Conversation on Homosexuality – Eastern Mennonite University Podcast.
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  6. What is threatened here is rape. The significant point, then, is that all rape is considered horrible by God. The story deserves another reading. It should be noted that not all of the men of Sodom could have been homosexual or there would have been no need to destroy them. If they had all been homosexuals, they would have all died off leaving no heirs.