Reclaiming the Commons for the Common Good

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  1. Public interview at LAC: Reclaiming the Commons
  2. Naomi Klein, Reclaiming the Commons, NLR 9, May–June
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Her book invites us to come home to ourselves, our communities and habitats. Not only is another world possible, but is on her way. I was part of the impasse. I needed to break out of it, but how?

Public interview at LAC: Reclaiming the Commons

They lost all that these ties meant to them economically, politically, socially, culturally and even spiritually. Drawing on her roots, Aboriginal history, movements like Idle No More, international environmental and social justice activism, the Internet, Gabriola Commons and other inspiring and informative examples, Menzies interprets the significance of her discoveries, identifying myriad forms of all important capacity-building. Implicated participation is key: ongoing connection, mutual obligation, mutual self-interest and common good.

Showing up, being present, ready and willing to be implicated, here and now, are critical to a habitat-centred society, a parallel path and new social contract. It might be too late. But it might not, if a place to stand outside modern economistic thinking can be found. So every U.

He extended that to water trusts — to limit both withdrawal from, and pollution of, water tables — again auctioning permits for those now-limited rights. He suggests similar trusts for forests and habitats, and even extends the plan to economic rents created by social commons but collected by private entities. This, as Barnes acknowledges, is essentially a form of modern Georgism.

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Barnes bases his commons plans on property rights, going back to Locke and some of the original theorists of capitalism. This would amount to economic representation for the seventh generation. If we accept the premise that X is an economic commons, then what follows is the need to protect it and ensure that everyone benefits. Property is an artificial creation, after all. Barnes makes a big deal of how public stock exchanges are artificial creations that add tremendous value to private corporations.

They would be obliged not to maximize income from their trusts but to preserve their assets for future generations, acting on the precautionary principle rather than as risk-takers. They would have neither the obligation of corporate boards of directors to maximize profit nor the freedom of elected officials to favor the richest and most powerful.

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Dean Baker, in the second chapter of his book The Conservative Nanny State , lays out how one of the primary objects of the Federal Reserve is to keep wages low. If profits rise faster than productivity, the Fed sees no problem.

But the Great Market God forbids that wages should ever rise faster than productivity. The alternative to inflation or a wage drop is that wage earners might actually increase their share of the economy; that can never be allowed to happen. But if they should recover some of that lost share — well, the ratchet is supposed to go one way. Of course, keeping wages under control is not the only role the Fed plays.

It is supposed to prevent market instability by preventing bubbles from developing; for example, the internet bubble that popped in the late nineties, or the mortgage bubble that is popping as this article is being written. So much for that. In terms of judges, history is even more decisive. Saved Searches Advanced Search.

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Naomi Klein, Reclaiming the Commons, NLR 9, May–June

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