War on the Mississippi : Grants Vicksburg Campaign

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  2. Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign- Crossing the Mississippi River
  3. Civil War: Siege of Vicksburg
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Grant's victory boosted his reputation, leading ultimately to his appointment as General-in-Chief of the Union armies. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store. Every purchase supports the mission. Skip to main content. Civil War.

Grant's Operations Against Vicksburg. May 18 — July 4, Battle Facts. John C. Forces Engaged. Total Estimated Casualties. Animated Map. Vicksburg Animated Map.

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Battle Map. Vicksburg Campaign of Historical Map.

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Map of the Siege of Vicksburg, Miss. Explore Vicksburg.

Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign- Crossing the Mississippi River

Vicksburg Campaign. Vicksburg Campaign: Overview. Champion Hill. Quick Facts.

Civil War: Siege of Vicksburg

David D. Porter , had run south past the batteries at Vicksburg. Once across the river, Grant quickly began moving northeast, though this meant abandoning his already tenuous supply lines and feeding his troops off the surrounding enemy countryside. Joseph E. Johnston near Jackson from linking up with the Vicksburg forces. John C.

Pemberton , led his forces out in an effort to link up with Johnston but met Grant moving westward and was forced to return to the city.

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After two assaults in mid-May failed, Grant settled down to methodical siege tactics while augmenting his forces. He controlled all the approaches to the city, and by early June the Confederate garrison was desperately short of ammunition and on the brink of starvation. Pemberton surrendered the city on July 4. The surrender of Vicksburg, with the victory at the Battle of Gettysburg the previous day July 3 , greatly heartened the North and in fact marked the turning point of the war. Vicksburg Campaign. Article Media. It must be taken by a regular siege or by starving out the Garrison.

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I have all the force necessary for this if my rear was not threatened. With this he will undoubtedly attack Harris Bluff and compell me to abandon the investment of the City if not reinforced before he can get here. I want your District striped to the very lowest possible standard. You can be in no possible danger for the time it will be necessary to keep their troops away. West Kentucky may be reduced to a small Garrison at Paducah and Columbus. Add to this all other force you can possibly spare. Send two regiments of Cavalry also.

If you have not received the Cavalry last ordered from Helena divert them to this place instead of sending two other regiments. No boat will be permitted to leave Memphis going North until transportation is fully provided for all the troops coming this way. The Quartermaster in charge of transportation and Col.

Here's Why the Battle of Vicksburg Was So Important

Hillyer are specially instructed to see that this direction is fully enforced. The entire rebel force heretofore against me are completely at my mercy.